“You not having money is not a reason for me to work for free.”

— Skippy

The idea for ExploitSourcing.Us was born many years ago when a local yoga studio asked for speculation work.  They were going to have a contest where people could submit ideas for a new logo for the studio and the studio would select one and go with it.  Though there were of course some conditions attached.  Anyhow this sparked a small rebellion amongst creatives I knew at the time.  They bombarded the studio with reasons why this was wrong via Facebook.  There were deleted blog posts.  Deleted Facebook comments.  Hurt feelings.  Dirty diapers.  Everything you would expect when someone wants someone else to work for free.

Meanwhile there is the eternal question.  Should you work for free?

workforfreeAnd then . . . there is Craig’s List.

Craig’s List is a gold mine of idiots.  Craig’s List is a perfect example of what happens when something is free (as in beer).  It attracts the stupidest people in existence.

Not only do stupid people post stupid things looking for someone to work for free.  Also stupid people will respond to posts.  I post things there for sale and get people wanting to negotiate me down from $20 to $15.  Fuck me running Rachel.  If that $5 is all that’s between you and starvation maybe you should be looking for job instead of buying shit off Craig’s List.

And there is all is.  In the post below I present you with the best of Exploit Sourcing.  If you ever have submissions for Exploit Sourcing feel free to send them to me via the contact page.

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