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“Do You Actually Think These Degrees Lead Somewhere?”

Once again it’s June.  The month after you graduated from college. And you still don’t have a job. But you do have debt. And you do have a worthless degree. And that’s why June is National Worthless Degree Awareness Month. As The Captain asks in the this video – “Do you actually think these degrees lead somewhere?” I know people with college degrees.  Not recent graduates.  People who graduated years ago.  Five, even ten years ago. Theater degree.  She’s a waitress. Videography degree.  He’s a barista. English degree.  She’s a barista. Liberal Arts degree in art.  She’s a waitress. Meat … Continue reading →

The Truth Hurts 0010 – Worthless Degree Awareness Month. A Test To Determine If Your College Degree Will Be Valuable.

This podcast is rated R for: Telling you the truth about your worthless degree. Making fun of college graduates who carry food to my table in restaurants. Providing information to young people which will help them make wise choices for their future. Happy Monday Snowflakes. In this episode of The Truth Hurts I tell you one method to determine if the college degree you are considering will have value in the real world or if you will be refilling my water glass for $2.50 and tips. You can get your feelings hurt and be poor or you can learn to … Continue reading →

Twitter Roach Podcast 004 – Worthless Degree Awareness Month: Why Your Degree Has No Value

Warning! This podcast is rated R for: Bad language. Calling old people liars. Math. Disrespecting your worthless college degree. Presenting facts about money instead of emotional fantasies. June is Worthless Degree Awareness Month. I’ve written about this over at He Said / She Said in these two posts: Happy Graduation. June Is National Worthless Degree Awareness Month – You Graduated College With A Worthless Degree. Now What? – Now I want to spend some time going into detail about how to avoid a worthless degree and why your degree is worthless. For those of you who have graduated … Continue reading →

#FortCollins Bike To Work Day. Posers Invade The Bike Trails.

I bike down the same trail multiple times a week on my way to go trail running. Usually it’s peaceful and sparsely populated. This morning I noticed many more bicycle riders out and about. By “out and about” I mean in my way. Then I saw the first sign pointing out the direction to the Bike To Work Day station where people can stop to get a free breakfast. By “free breakfast” I mean paid for with my tax money. Who the fuck are you posers who ride your bike to work once a year in order to get a … Continue reading →

Twitter Roach Podcast 003 – Dogs Are More Important Than Sick People

Warning: This podcast is rated R for . . . Telling the truth about Fort Collins. Pointing out that the government only servers people in the government and their relatives. Telling you that owning a dog means you are emotionally crippled.  Cat owners are the stable people despite what you’ve heard about “crazy cat ladies”. Not caring about your feelings. Reminding you that if you have to tell people you are tolerant and open minded that means you aren’t. Providing you the opportunity to learn from Neil’s mistakes. Bad language. Read the full story from Neil here: Looks like … Continue reading →

The Truth Hurts 0009 – Google Sucks. A Rant. First Of Many

A note from Skippy: This was suppose to publish months ago.  Apparently I fucked that up.  I wish I could blame WordPress but it’s all me.  Probably I was spending too much time watching internet porn. This podcast is rated R for:  Excessive use of the word “fuck”.  Pointing out that Google’s user interface is shit.  Calling Google lovers idiots.  And equating Google with a 14 year old girl.  Which is an insult to 14 year old girls.  Those of you who love Google needed to have that explained to you. In this rant I go off about Google’s destruction … Continue reading →

The Truth Hurts 006d – Outtakes from filming Put Down The Cell Phone and Shut Up

Hiya snowflakes.  I know it’s hard to believe but I’m not totally perfect.  It’s a behind the scenes look at filming The Truth Hurts. Originally published on Dec 27, 2010 This video is rated R for: bad language, me screwing up in front of the camera, me forgetting what I was talking about and more bad language. These are outtakes from filming the episodes of The Truth Hurts about excessive cell phone use.   … Continue reading →

The Truth Hurts 006c – Put Down The Cell Phone and Shut Up

Snowflakes!  Y’all came back.  Y’all didn’t flake out on me like you girls usually do.  ‘Cause you girls are so down for commitment aren’t you.  You’re all about commitment.  Except when you have to commit to something.  And then it’s flake time! Flaky flaky flake time. Originally published on Dec 27, 2010 This episode of The Truth Hurts is rated R for: bad language, honesty about “dating” (barf) and calling women on their bullshit about “commitment”. In this episode (part 3 of 3) Skippy talks about how text messaging enables people to flake out like never before as you can … Continue reading →

The Truth Hurts 006b – Put Down The Cell Phone and Shut Up

Like oh my God snowflakes!  Did you check in on Fagsquare?  I mean Foursquare?  Everyone else really wants to know where you are at right now because you are just that important. Cell phones and smart phones are important because most people are terrified to be alone with themselves.  And I don’t blame them.  I don’t want to be alone with you either.  Your a jackass. As long as your life revolves around seeking the approval of other people you can never become that which you have the potential to be.   Originally posted on Dec 27, 2010 This episode … Continue reading →

The Truth Hurts 006a – Put Down The Cell Phone and Shut Up

Hi snowflake.  Was that you trying to text me?  I didn’t get that ’cause I have no fucking idea where my cell phone is at.  And I don’t care.  Because I’m not a 14 year old girl.  I can live without a cell phone in my hand every moment of the day. Shocking isn’t it? Check it out y’all.  I’m styling it in black and white.  Damn I’m sexy. You call it “flexibility”.  I call it “flaky”. Damn did I call it in this one.  I suggested we are moving to a society in which it’s considered acceptable to ignore … Continue reading →